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Next Tuesday You're Having Two-Dollar Gorditas

Here at Wander Through, we never want y'all to be hungry - or without plans on where to eat.

So, I'm either really early with this or right on time: We've got your lunch/dinner plans covered for next Tuesday: If you live in Houston or are planning on visiting, make sure to stop by Las Monarcas Mexican Restaurant in Houston's East End (formerly Las Chabelas Mexican Restaurant) and take advantage of their weekly special: $1.99 gorditas!

That's right folks: Taco Tuesday will now be Two-Dollar Gordita Tuesday because these gorditas are just that: FAT. The corn dough is lightly grilled and served fresh off the griddle with refried beans and the most perfectly melted cheese I've had the pleasure of biting into on this journey we call life. For my down ass eaters, I recommend the tripas (fried intestines) as the perfect choice of meat. The tripas in my gordita were the most perfectly crisp little bites to compliment the texture of the soft corn patty and warm, melted cheese. And, of course, you are highly encouraged to squeeze some lime and add a couple of drops of that salsa verde before each bite.

If you're not into tripas (I don't judge... harshly), then the beef fajita or pastor would be my next suggestion. But, really, I think it'd be hard to make a wrong choice - unless, of course, you're choice is to forgo a gordita completely!

Can't wait until next Tuesday? I don't blame you! At their regular price ($3.50), the gorditas are still a very cheap meal. Enjoy!

Price of our meal:

4 gorditas at $1.99 each

1 taco de pastor

2 iced teas

Total: $12 (and some change)

Do you have a taqueria you'd like to recommend, or that you want to be featured on Wander Through? Drop the name in the comments below, or send an email to:

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