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Taqueria Rio Verde's Tortillas Taste Like Home

Remember the days when you were a kid and your mom or your grandma would roll out some flour tortillas?

taco de chicharron

Do you remember the texture? How about the light residue of flour on your fingertips? Didn't it seem like they were always cooked perfectly and coated in a light floury dust?

My favorite part was when my mom or grandma smeared butter across the entire surface of the tortilla, then rolled it up and wrapped it in a napkin to keep the butter from leaking out the bottom before handing it to me to enjoy.

This is what came to mind when the order of handmade flour tortillas at Rio Verde arrived at our table. Whether it's to accompany your queso flameado con chorizo or the tortilla of choice for your chicharrones, an order of flour tortillas is a must. You'll want to use them to envelop melted cheese, to scoop up your beans or, if you're that "I could eat" person (guilty) who's always down to join a friend for dinner, then you may just want to ask if they have any butter for you to spread on your tortilla.

And, I should add, when you visit Rio Verde, ordering a torta is a great idea. The torta de carne asada was full of the usual lettuce, tomato, crema, beans, meat, and cheese, but the real star was the telera bread (much softer than bolillo bread) that was lightly browned with butter before being filled with all the goodies. I could've ate the bread all on its own. ;)

Price of our most recent visit:

2 iced teas

1 queso flameado con chorizo

1 torta de carne asada

1 taco de chicharron

1 order of flour tortillas

Total: $20.90

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