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Taqueria Puro Jalisco Will Give You Taco Envy

Warning: you're going to be experiencing some intense taco envy before the end of this post.

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Taqueria Puro Jalisco is located on South Richey in Pasadena, Texas. As my loyal readers may already be aware, this isn't my first venture into Pasadena for some delicious Mexican food. In fact, Pasadena has proven itself to be a hub for killer taquerias three times over. So I really shouldn't have been surprised.

Taco spread at Taqueria Puro Jalisco in Pasadena, Texas

I chose the taquitos plate which comes with 5 taquitos topped with your choice of meat, sliced avocado, cilantro and a side of grilled onions. The meat and toppings are served on a set of two palm-sized corn tortillas. Since they're taquitos they aren't the full-size of a normal taco, but these small corn tortillas are piled high with all the fixings.

Tacos at Taqueria Puro Jalisco in Pasadena, Texas

The carne asada was very flavorful and tender. I could tell it was slow cooked, then fried on the griddle before being placed on the tortillas. The meat was finely chopped and equal portions were placed on each taquito. After adding a pinch of lime and generous helpings of salsa verde to the top of each taquito, I was ready to feast.

Y'all. I ate all five of those taquitos. #noragrets

Along with your taquitos comes a bowl of frijoles charros. I appreciate the splatters along the edge of the bowl, they scream "these beans are so good we don't need to make them pretty!" And they're absolutely right. These beans get their reddish broth from the Mexican chorizo (sausage) that's added to the beans as they simmer. Also present and adding killer flavor and subtle spice: bacon, onion, and jalapenos.

Frijoles Charros served with tacos at Taqueria Puro Jalisco in Pasadena, Texas

Now, in case you aren't quite feeling the taco envy just yet, take a look at the tacos de bistec y queso across the table.

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I know, right?! These tacos are packed end-to-end with tender beef and ooey-gooey white cheese, encased in handmade flour tortillas with just the right dusty, doughy texture.

Of course, the proper way to dress these tacos is by stuffing even more fillings into the flour tortillas. And, wonderfully, they are strong enough to hold rice, beans, pico de gallo, and salsa verde on top of the meat and cheese!

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With every single bite I was extremely happy with my choice for this week's taqueria. Between my plate and the one across the table, I was amazed by the caliber of tacos being served out of the kitchen at Taqueria Puro Jalisco!

Now, if that taco envy ain't got you by the stomach yet, then you've got some strong will power my friend!

Price of our meal:

1 taquitos plate

1 tacos de bistec y queso plate

Total: $17.00 (and some change)

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