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Tacos by the Bay: Taqueria El Jaliciense

As is the case with most delicious dives, Taqueria El Jaliciense sits inconspicuously in the middle of a strip center.

Despite its red brick facade, its outward appearance is understated. If I've learned anything in my 29 years of gastronomical adventures, it's that the more understated the presentation of a restaurant is, then the more likely it is that the food is finger-lickin' good.

If you're like me and have trouble deciding on what you want to eat when you're actually hungry, I suggest you go for the mini tacos (#45). If you're also like me and are turned off by the mention of "mini" in front of anything, do not fret. The "mini" refers to the size of the tortillas only. Luckily, the fillings at El Jaliciense runneth way over the edges of your mini corn tortillas.

Picture to prove it.

Taqueria El Jaliciense mini tacos

On the menu, #45 gets you 2 tacos de pastor and 2 tacos de fajita. I substituted one fajita taco with tripitas, and I was NOT disappointed. In the image below you can see the tripas were fried and chopped and look almost like pieces of bacon.

Taqueria El Jaliciense taco de tripitas

The tripas were perfectly crunchy and, once I added some lime, onion, and cilantro, I was wishin' for more. To be completely honest, I didn't need the tortillas. I could've ate a plate of the fajita, pastor, and tripitas mixed together with cilantro and onions.

Did I mention this plate also comes with a bowl of frijoles charros?

Taqueria El Jaliciense in Texas City, Texas

The beans were served hot and had slices of bacon. No spice, but that's alright because accompanying your four tacos are grilled onions and a jalapeno toreado (the pepper is sauteed in oil in a pan until it becomes blistered), which was the perfect spice to my tacos.

Folks, if you find yourself at the Texas City Dike and in need of some taco-type fuel, then swing by Taqueria El Jaliciense and for less than $10 you can be stuffed to the gills and still find yourself picking at the crumbs on your plate.

Price of mini taco plate: $7.95

What makes or breaks a taqueria for you? What's your go-to order?

Let me know in the comments!

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