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Taco Truck Chronicles: Taqueria Govea

Helping you find the best Mexican food in Houston, Texas

Taqueria Govea is a taco truck serving up quick and delicious Mexican street food for eaters on-the-go!

Find authentic Mexican food in Houston, Texas

Located a block away from Highway 225 and Allen Genoa, Taqueria Govea shares a parking lot with a neighborhood bar. The parking lot has plenty of parking for drivers looking to grab a quick bite to eat. Having passed this truck many times driving down Allen Genoa, it was only a matter of time before I stopped to have a taste.

First off the menu: dos tacos de pastor.

Tacos de pastor from Taqueria Govea in Houston, Texas

Y'all. This has been the most flavorful and well-cooked pork I've had on my little taco journey this year. I can say without a doubt it'll blow your socks off and you will be ordering dos tacos mas before you've finished the one you're holding. The pork is tender and tastes almost like Mexican chorizo, but is more subtly flavored so that the garlic and spices don't overwhelm the palate. The tacos de pastor pair well with the salsa verde and a pinch of the lime slice that comes with your order. The tacos are also topped with cilantro and onions and I can't imagine them without either.

Check out the size of this torta!

Find delicious Mexican food in Houston, Texas

Yes, I know the tortas look a bit messy and squished, but this blog isn't about how pretty the food looks. It's about how DELICIOUS it tastes.

Torta de milanesa in at Taqueria Govea in Houston, Texas

I'm not a huge milanesa person, but I was impressed by the tenderness and perfect breading of this torta de milanesa (shown above). It was not overcooked and therefore not chewy. It came apart with ease at every bite. The tortas are topped with lettuce, tomato, avocado and mayonesa. Again, don't forget the salsa verde and a squeeze of lime for added tanginess. Take a bite of the chile toreado: a spicy serrano!

Torta de pastor at Taqueria Govea in Houston, Texas

Of course, if I were to choose between milanesa or pastor, I would opt for pastor. When served in a torta, you get triple the amount of that delicious pork meat along with plenty of toppings. Now for the other goodies!

A free cup of beans with a purchase of $6.00 or more.

Find authentic Mexican food in Houston, Texas

When you order more than $6.00 worth of food you get a small cup of frijoles charros for FREE. Listen to me: spend more than $6.00! The beans are served HOT and are slightly spicy, but packed with the blended flavors of garlic, cilantro, and onion. They are just enough to satisfy your hunger and pair well with any of the items featured above.

If you're thirsty: I recommend the agua de piña y pepino.

Find delicious aguas frescas in Houston, Texas

If you're thirsty I recommend an order of the agua de piña y pepino. For someone who is NOT a fan of cucumber, this agua is THE BOMB. The flavors of the pineapple and cucumber blend well together, and I absolutely LOVE the small bits of pineapple that make their way up the straw. This drink is a bit on the sweet side, but not overly sweet. When I visit Taqueria Govea, ordering agua de piña y pepino is a MUST for me. If you're looking to feast for under $20.00, then Taqueria Govea has you covered. Price of our meal: 1 torta de milanesa 1 torta de pastor 2 tacos de pastor 1 agua de pina y pepino Total: $20.00

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