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Taco Truck Chronicles: El Taconazo

El Taconazo in Houston, Texas

El Taconazo is parked at the corner of Sgt. Macario Garcia Dr. and Avenue P in Houston's East End and has been whipping up quick Mexican street fare for many years.

It's a popular spot for those who know about it. I've seen Critical Mass cyclists stop here for a late night taco fuel-up on many a'Friday night, and they have plenty of reason to!

Taqueria Taconazo in Houston, Texas

Not only is the food coming out quick, it's guaranteed to be served fresh and very flavorful. And it's basically a drive-in eatery; a Mexican Sonic, if you will. (See below)

"Eatin' on the trunk and we weren't even drunk..." sounds like a country song!

Taco trunk life!

First up on the taqueria taste test was the plato especial : a plate of chopped beef fajita served in a pool of melted white cheese...

(I told y'all we couldn't be friends if you don't like cheese.)

Beef fajita and cheese are best friends

with a stack of corn tortillas

Unwrap your tortillas like it's Christmas.

Unwrap your corn tortillas like it's Christmas!

and grilled onions.

Click to enlarge.

All together, these all made for delicious tacos that could have been double-wrapped due to their heftiness.

Click to enlarge

But what if you're in the mood for a torta? Then order one! My torta de fajita (it was supposed to be pastor, but it's cool, I'm over it) was heavy. It really could've (and should've) been shared between my boyfriend and I, but that's not really how we roll. Plus, this is research so you live and you learn and maybe you'll share next time.

Unwrap the gifts of tortas and tacos, then rejoice for there is salsa verde!

Torta de fajita from El Taconazo in Houston, Texas

Peep those beautiful griddle marks on my torta! And within the soft and slightly sweet telera bread were creamy avocado slices, lettuce, tomatoes, a bit of cheese and the flavorful meat El Taconazo is known for. Combined with the best salsa verde I have had thus far and we were in taqueria heaven.

And in case you're wondering, you can't go wrong with the fajita tacos! Doubled corn tortillas are filled end to end with chopped fajita.

Tortillas brimming with chopped fajita at El Taconazo in Houston, Texas.

If you're in the mood for something quick and delicious, then swing by El Taconazo and, if the weather is perfect - or even if it's not - eat off the trunk of your car!

Price of our meal:

1 plato especial ($13.00)

4 orders of frijoles charros ($1.00/each)

6 tacos de fajita ($2.00/each)

1 torta de fajita (was supposed to be pastor, but it's cool...) ($5.00)

3 cokes ($0.75/each)

Total: $36.00 (and some change)

Got a taco truck you want featured for Taqueria Thursday?

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