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Small but Mighty: La Fonda Taqueria has all the Flavor

La Fonda fits its name perfectly: it's a small restaurant serving up some heavy, homemade flavors. But what they lack in square footage, they make up for with the ample amount of items to choose from on their menu.

On my most recent visit I decided I was going to have tacos, but ordering tacos at La Fonda is no simple feat. They've got tacos al carbon, tacos al vapor, campechanas, gringas, piratas, and several mini taco plates to choose from... and then, of course, you can order tacos a la carte...

But then I saw it: "#10. Tacos Potosinos de papas con chorizo con tortillas hechas a mano."

(Pssst...They had me at chorizo). I decided I was going to have my favorite breakfast item for dinner and waited just long enough for my food to arrive.

And what an entrance:

The red chile tortillas are perfect for Valentine's Day.

Tacos and enchiladas potosinos are known by their signature red chile infused corn tortillas. The tacos and enchiladas are named after San Luis Potosi, Mexico where this style of taco/enchilada originated. Typical toppings for both items include shredded cabbage or lettuce, queso fresco, avocado, and crema.

Close up of tacos potosinos.

The small corn tortillas on my plate were freshly pressed and sturdy enough to hold all the toppings and the extra salsa roja I had to have. To my delight the balance between the soft potato and smokey, ancho chile-flavored ground pork was well-balanced and could be tasted beneath the mountain of fresh toppings.

Campechanas plate - homemade tortillas!

Across the table was the campechanas plate (filled with bistec, trompo, cheese, and avocado) served with grilled onions, jalapeno toreado, cilantro, and a small bowl of frijoles charros. And next to that plate, a single taco de chicharron. Now, next to papas con chorizo, chicharrones are another favorite of mine, and the ones served inside this freshly made flour tortilla were cooked perfectly tender with just enough of a spicy kick.

Taco de chicharron

Once we were done eating - and we ate it all - I was already looking forward to our return!

Price of our most recent visit:

Tacos potosinos (5 tacos)

Tacos campechanas (2 tacos)

1 taco de chicharron

2 Iced teas

Total: $21 (and some change)

What is your go-to taco order? Chicharrones? Tripitas? Carne asada?

Let me know in the comments!

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