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Authentic Northern Mexican Food at Tostada Regia

Located just 2 miles from Hobby Airport, this Tosada Regia location is an ideal spot for new arrivals to get a taste of Houston's authentic Mexican food offerings.

Tostada Regia has multiple locations in the Houston-area, but the one I visited is located right off of I-45 S at Park Place Boulevard in Houston's southeast side, making it an ideal location to satisfy your Mexican food cravings on your drive into or out of the city.

The tostada regia is over 5 inches in diameter and piled high with goodies!

Tostada Regia in Houston, Texas serves authentic northern Mexican Food

The restaurant's signature menu item is the tostada regia, which is served estilo Monterrey (Monterrey-style) with two fried corn tortillas sandwiching the following toppings: refried beans, your choice of meat, grilled onions, lettuce, sour cream, and sliced avocado. If you take a look around at other tables, you'll notice that absolutely no one can consume this tostada gracefully, so don't be shy about taking that first bite. You're going to drop the toppings all over your plate (I use the second tostada to catch everything that falls) and you're also going to get crema and avocado all over your face. Don't worry, you still look cute!

Gringas are tacos stuffed with seasoned meat and cheese and then grilled like a quesadilla.

Tacos piratas at Tostada Regia in Houston, Texas

If you're in the mood for tacos (always, amirite?!), then ordering a couple of gringas (tacos) should solve that problem! These tacos are brimming with white cheese and your choice of meat. Gringas are stuffed end-to-end with white cheese and well-seasoned meat, then grilled so that the ingredients blend together into delicious, melted goodness. The tortillas sit in a very light layer of oil on the griddle, giving the typically doughy texture of the flour tortilla a slight crunch on the outside. We ordered one with just pastor and the other campechana-style (bistec and pastor together). The meat was seasoned well and cooked tender. The meat coupled with the cheese, a squirt of lime juice and salsa would have made a great meal by themselves!

If you want to be absolutely taken care of, order the torta de pierna de puerco.

Torta de pierna de puerco at Tostada Regia in Houston, Texas

Now, let's take a minute to admire the beauty of this torta. Doesn't it just simply LOOK good. You don't even need to know what's in it, just take a bite!

Don't let the picture fool you, this torta took up a good size of the large plate it was served on. The airy telera bread had been grilled in a pat of butter, giving both outer slices of bread grill marks and an oily sheen. The flavorful, shredded meat of the pork leg was slow-cooked in an adobo sauce made by rehydrating dried red chiles and combining them with a blend of spices. This meat was tender and plentiful and topped with a piece of fried ham, crema, and sliced avocado - didn't you know all these ingredients were best friends? Well, you do now!

With multiple locations around Houston, there's really no excuse for you to miss out on the delicious northern Mexican-style food of Tostada Regia!

Price of our meal:

Tostada de bistec: $8.79

Gringas (2): $3.14/each

Torta de pierna de puerco: $6.50


Total: $22.00 and some change

Have you eaten at Tostada Regia or are you planning your visit? Let me know in the comments!

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