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Gardening Wonderland at Maas Nursery in Seabrook, Texas

I especially love weekends when I don't have any plans.

Rose from Maas Nursery in Seabrook, Texas

Not because it means I will be sitting on the couch with a good book and a strong cup of coffee. Although, that doesn't sound like a bad idea! I love these weekends because it usually means that Abel and I will wander around and discover something awesome.

A few weeks ago we cleared out a flower bed in our yard that was overrun by weeds and dried leaves. It was so much fun digging in the dirt and ripping out roots and we were excited about planting flowers for the spring. Then Houston's last winter freeze hit and we had to postpone buying any flowers.

The flower bed in our yard is a work in progress.

This past Saturday, after cleaning the house and washing a ton of laundry, we decided we were ready to venture out and get some sun. We were headed to Kemah to buy some Gulf shrimp when I decided we could make a detour to Pine Gully Park in Seabrook. I'd brought my Nikon D5300 along and wanted to take some shots out along Galveston Bay. However, we forgot it is $20.00 a vehicle to get into the park and since we weren't planning on spending much time there we turned around and left that for another day (and blog post).

But then we saw it! Maas Nursery. Hey, we want flowers, right? Let's see what they've got.

I quickly parked and unloaded my camera and we headed in to take a look around. And what we discovered is an 8-acre wonderland of flowers, fountains, sculptures, talaveras, and much more! The nursery seems to go on forever. There's a talavera section with beautiful suns and moons, frogs, and huge colorful plant pots.

As we continued walking we found beautiful flowers in temporary pots ready to be replanted, and hanging flower pots too. There were even baby trees! Everywhere we looked beautiful flowers beckoned us and I wanted to buy more than my two arms could hold.

Click to enlarge

We finally decided on the daisies which were 3 for $10.00, a talavera frog, and a tiny succulent! I'm really looking forward to our next visit. Every staff member was very friendly and it felt like a great place to spend a couple of hours planning my next gardening adventure.

Paloma and the daisies at Maas Nursery in Seabrook, Texas

Do you have a green thumb? Are you interested in growing your own garden? Need help? Maas Nursery offers gardening classes! Check them out here: Maas Nursery Gardening Classes, and maybe I'll see you there!

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