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Tacos and burritos at Mi Charro in Houston's East End

Do you ever go somewhere and know exactly what you want to eat? Do you choose it purposely because you're craving your favorite dish?

Well that's what happened on my most recent visit to Mi Charro on Harrisburg Boulevard in Houston's East End. Located just west of Wayside Drive at the corner of Harrisburg and S Cesar Chavez Boulevard, Mi Charro sits colorfully across from the 67/Cesar Chavez Green Line METRO light rail stop.

So what's my favorite dish here? Well, if you're craving a burrito smothered in cheese and red chile sauce, stuffed from end to end with tender beef fajita, then I recommend the Jalisco Burrito.

The Jalisco burrito spans the width of your plate.

I can't remember the first time I ordered this meal, but I know I have fought with myself NOT to order it again, and have failed every time. Mi Charro has a very large menu and daily specials, but for some reason, this burrito beckons me from afar and I have not been strong enough to say "no".

If you're trying to eat light (um, okay) you can get the burrito served without rice and beans, but really, that's no fun. Alongside lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and two globs of sour cream and guacamole, this dish is a Tex-Mex dream. Now, this dish is a bit pricier than what I usually order at taquerias, but for $10.99 you get a ton of tender beef fajita, or any other meat of your choice, and you don't have to wait long for it to arrive. I see no problem with that!

Tacos al carbon plate: those tacos are HUGE.

Of course, I wouldn't be doing my due diligence if I didn't try the daily special, which on Monday is the Tacos Al Carbon. Across the table sat flour tortillas stuffed end-to-end (a pattern at Mi Charro, I see) with pastor, which was, dare I say it, the tastiest I've had on my taqueria journey thus far. And the frijoles charros that were served with the plate were so good, I almost claimed them as my own. They were served with cuerito and cooked so long the juice became creamy with the flavor of the pork skin.

Pastor filling is from end to end in your tacos al carbon.

If you're craving some tex-mex flavor with the swiftness of a taqueria, then visit Mi Charro and you won't be disappointed.

Pictures to prove it (click to enlarge):

Price of our most recent visit:

1 Jalisco Burrito plate (served with rice and beans)

1 Tacos al carbon plate (3 tacos, rice, and beans)

2 Iced teas

Total: $21 (and some change)

Do you have a go-to order at a taqueria and want me to try it out?

Let me now in the comments!

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